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District Dig In next week & HS Village

March 1, 2017

This is a last call for Master Gardeners who want to attend the District Dig In in Forrest City next Monday, March 6.  district-dig-ins-logo1

This is a new idea for us to meet with smaller groups of people in a more regional way.  We have three slated–the first is Monday, March 6 in Forrest City, then March 13 in Arkadelphia and our final one will be in conjunction with the River Valley Lawn & Garden Show Saturday March 18.  These are for MG’s only and we will have portions of the program that are the same (I will talk about the MG program at all locations and must have annuals and perennials for the garden at two locations) and then Forrest City we have University of Tennessee Extension agent Chris Cooper will be talking vegetable gardening.  In Arkadelphia Vic Ford will talk about raising mushrooms at home, and in Fort Smith Gerald Klingaman will talk about conifers and Susan Belsinger will talk on herbs. I will discuss the MG program, and I will do native plants at their general sessions earlier.

The cost is $20 and includes all the lectures plus lunch in Forrest City and Arkadelphia, and in Fort Smith it includes entrance to the Lawn and Garden Show all three days, plus exclusive lectures and snacks.

DROP DEAD registration deadline is tomorrow morning by 9 a.m. for Forrest City since we have to confirm our lunch counts.  If you plan to come and have mailed in a form please let Julie or I know so we can add that to the list.  There is still time tonight to register on the MG only site–password is required but a hint–the user name is mgonly.

If you are a MG and you don’t remember the password, email me or Julie!

Was today not a glorious day?  Overnight I did get a half inch of rain and at a little before 5 a.m. we had a nice round of hail. It has been windy all day and is cooling off now.  I had a great group of people in Hot Springs Village this morning and they had a ton of questions.  This is a gardening group! hs-village-program-mar1-1 hs-village-program-mar1-2

It was an easy drive back and Julie and I have been plotting about how to get everything done we need to in the next few days.  I have columns to write, PP’s to finish for Monday’s Dig In and Tuesday’s pruning workshop at Garvan Gardens.  I haven’t looked much past those days.  Spring is always crazy, and this one is no exception.



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