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A full day in the garden!

March 4, 2017

Needless to say, I am pooped! Maybe having the weekend off is not such a great thing!  Not really. I enjoyed my day in the garden tremendously, but I am tired. I started a little after 9 a.m. and with just a few short breaks did not end until 3 p.m.!  I would like to say I got everything done, but not even close.  I have not spent any measurable time in the garden in weeks, so there is a lot to do.  I did do a lot of pruning today. You can see by the pile of debris, that there was a lot thinned out. pruning-mar-17-1  Every year I tackle privet plants that just grow back, so I did remove a lot of those along with yaupon holly seedlings and some wax leaf ligustrum. I also have quite a few cleyera in my yard and while most look great, two are heavily infested with the entomosporium leaf spot cleyera-diseased-2which we get on red top photenias. I am removing both plants this year, but just thinned out what I can do until a chain saw can take out the rest.  The front garden looks a lot better with all the excess thinned out. pruning-mar-17-3  I also pruned the summer blooming spirea and a few roses. spirea-pruning-mar17-1 spirea-pruning-mar17-3  I hope to get to the rest of the spirea and buddlea tomorrow. I did have a rose blooming on a knock out but I still cut them back hard.  You will have better blooming if you prune these plants, even though they have started growing.

I also pulled out and pruned out the left over dead tropical in pots on the deck, and cut back some other perennials.  I raked and mulched leaves and cleaned out beds.  I also pulled many of the winter vegetables to make room for more planting. I planted potatoes, onions, spinach, lettuce and broccoli today and fertilized all the beds with seedlings coming up, then I watered.  It was really pretty dry, but I hear rain is coming. veg-garden-mar4-17-2 vegetables-mar-1 vegetables-mar-2

Everything is moving on warp speed this spring. The blueberries are in full bloom  blueberry-mar4-2and my new white kerria has started to flower, kerria-white-mar4-17with only a bloom or two on my yellow.   Most of my perennials are growing and some are quite far along. hosta-mar4-17

While I was gardening, Clay was putting together a storage building to house many things from our garage. We are in the final stages of kitchen planning and hopefully they will begin construction in little over 4 weeks, so we have a lot to get moved before then.  Since we are losing some space in the garage we are tackling that first.  There was some debate on where the shed should go and where it would fit–it was a tad larger than planned.  Unfortunately once built we had to move it over the fence to its final resting point. That took some doing and creative engineering but it is done and ready to be used. shed-partsshed-moving-mar-3 shed-moving-mar-7 shed-moving-mar-9shed-moving-mar-1 shed-moving-mar-2  It is done and looks good.  My final thing was digging up (with Clay’s help) a young dogwood that has great shape but doesn’t belong where the birds planted it.  It left tonight for a friends house.  dogwood-transplant-mar4-17

Now, after a shower and a couple of Advil’s I think a glass of wine is in order!  It was a pretty day and we had all the windows open, and some still are but it is getting a tad nippy.

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