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Garvan TV, Tulips and Phantom–plus WEATHER!

March 9, 2017

I totally got the weather wrong today.  It was sunny and fairly warm this morning and I thought it would just get better as the day went on, so I dressed for spring.  As I was driving to Garvan Gardens around noon, it got cloudier and cloudier and the temperature dropped.  Luckily I had put a jacket in the car for my trip up north tomorrow, and I used it today as we taped our monthly TV spots. The gardens look really good and are blooming way ahead of schedule.  Although I have hundreds of pictures of tulips, I just can’t resist taking more. They are truly spectacular blooms and are at their peak right now.    They are not the only plants in bloom, but they are the showiest.  The tree peonies are blooming and many azaleas are opening up, along with camellias, candytuft, viburnums, flowering cherry, kerria and winter annuals.   One of the TV spots we did was on holly blooms and knowing whether you have a male or female plant.

They had a huge crowd this morning and a decent one this afternoon, but it began to lightly mist rain as we were wrapping up.  And have you heard the weather forecast for the weekend and early next week?!  If they are to be believed, the northern tier of  Arkansas will get to 22 degrees and have winter precipitation including sleet and snow.  LR is supposed to get to 28 Saturday night and no higher than 42 during the day.  Temperatures near or slightly below freezing for the next three days!  I really hope they are wrong this time or we may be in for some damage.  If it does get cold, pray it stays cloudy and windy so a heavy frost doesn’t settle.  Consider covering tender new growth on perennials and vegetables. It is difficult to cover larger shrubs, and if rain is in the mix, covering can get heavy and way down the plants.

I made it home in time to freshen up and leave again.  Martha Ray and I went to see the Phantom of the Opera. It was a great performance and the new Robinson Center is amazing.  We also ran into quite a few MGs and even sat in front of some.   A full day for sure.

Tomorrow I head north to Baxter County to speak Saturday morning for How to Have an Ozark Green Thumb.

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