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Dig In #2, Last call for early bird registration

March 13, 2017

It was cold, but not below freezing as we left town this morning.  I always hate changing to daylight savings time, but my sleeping time has been skewed lately anyway, so maybe this year won’t be as hard–albeit it seemed awfully early when my alarm went off at 6 a.m. today!  Julie and I drove in rain off and on as we headed to Arkadelphia and Henderson State University for our second District Dig In.  We had a slightly smaller crowd, but a good one with lots of questions. We had 50 people but from 13 counties so a diverse mix of counties.  It was a very nice facility that we will use again, and their service was outstanding.  I spoke all morning on a MG update and new annuals and perennials.  County 76 president Linda Soffer gave them information on County 76 opportunities and Dr. Vic Ford spoke after lunch on mushrooms, which was informative as well as educational.    It was a great opportunity for Master Gardeners across a district to get together, share ideas and have some fellowship as well as education.  By the time we left, the sun was shining but it was still cool.  Our last District Dig In will be this Saturday in Ft. Smith. Folks who register by Wednesday will be able to attend all three days of the River Valley Lawn & Garden Show, plus hear a great line-up of speakers on Saturday. I will speak, along with Chris Olsen for the general public, and then for MGs only Dr. Gerald Klingaman and Susan Belsinger.  Deadline to apply online is Wednesday.  If you main a form, let Julie or I know so we can add you to the list.  Information is on the MG only site with user name mgonly  (if you need the password, let Julie or I know).

Many were talking at the conference about how far along our plants are.  Figs were mentioned by several and they all said they had little figs already. I posted a photo yesterday from my figs, and I did not notice any fruit already, so I decided to investigate when I got home. With daylight savings time, I have more time once I get home to be outside in daylight!  I do have figs! I can’t believe they are already on these plants in mid-March.  I hope they make it through the next few days.   Temperatures are supposed to hover near or below freezing in central Arkansas the next three mornings, getting lower out and about in the state.  Protect what you can!

Tomorrow is also the early bird deadline for registration for the 2017 MG State Conference in Little Rock, May 21-23.  You don’t want to miss out on this spectacular event. The Pulaski County Master Gardeners have worked hard to give you some unique special events, outstanding pre-tours and much more. Again, the link to register is on the mg only site:

User name is MG only.  A password is also required and if you are a MG and you have forgotten it, email me or Julie.  Registration will stay open until April 14, but the price does increase March 15.

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