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Spring feels like more than a week away!

March 14, 2017

Another round of cold, wintry weather creeped in today. The high today was only 45 and tonight is predicted to be the coldest one this week.  Here in Little Rock we are predicted to get to 28 degrees but it is supposed to be overcast.  I wish we had a bit more wind than we do. I am taking my chances with plants and hope I didn’t make a mistake by not covering anything.  So many plants are up and growing well beyond their normal period.   Even though I worry, if LR is expecting 28 what does that bode for the northern tier and even outlying areas in Pulaski County. There are many ways that temperatures can differ even in the same neighborhood. If you live on a slope you usually aren’t as susceptible to heavy frosts as if you are down in a valley.  Windy areas have less frost than those that are still.  So we should all keep our fingers crossed.  If we can just make it through tonight, it is supposed to get warmer every day and by the first day of spring next week they are predicting almost 80!  This weather is nuts!

The wisteria is in full bloom in central Arkansas. If you doubt its invasiveness look at this:   If you give it an inch, it will take a mile. While the flowers are beautiful, the vines need to be kept in check on a trellis or structure, and pruned annually.

And speaking of pruning–I saw one of the worse pruned nandinas this week that I have ever seen.   It doesn’t even look like a shrub.  Knowing how and when to prune will really give your plants a chance.  This Saturday my column is all about pruning. Some people may need to read it!

Don’t forget–if you are a MG and you want to register for the state MG conference in May, tomorrow is the early bird discounted deadline. Price goes up on Wednesday.  Register on line and if you have problems, let Julie or me know.

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