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I think I dodged a bullet, and planning for 2018

March 15, 2017

Even though I did get to 28 degrees in my yard this morning it was for a very brief time and no frost accumulated.  I think I dodged a bullet and my plants are fine.  Let us hope that this is the end of winter weather. While it is still going to be cool the next few days, I think the freeze alerts have passed.  I would like to hear from our gardeners in the northern tier later this week to see what their fruit tree and blueberry bushes look like. They did get much cooler than we did here in central Arkansas.

I am still not acclimated to the time change. I can’t fall asleep early enough at night and morning comes way too early. It was a full day at the office with trying to make sure everything is ready for events from now through mid-week. I will be in Pine Bluff in the morning for MG training, back to the office for an afternoon meeting. Then Friday is the Greene County MG event on pollinators and they have 100 + folks registered. County 76 will be there selling lots of garden wares. Then back to LR to get ready to head to Fort Smith Saturday for our third and last Dig IN.  Friday through Sunday is the River Valley Lawn & Garden Show at the convention center in downtown Fort Smith.  It is full of vendors and gardens, so if you are in the area, you don’t want to miss out.

Today was our first official meeting of the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show board since the show.  It was a good wrap-up of comments and then a lot of brainstorming on ideas for 2018 and our new venue –the Arkansas Fairgrounds.  One positive note will be free parking! Parking this year downtown was a nightmare. It was a productive meeting but we have a lot of work ahead to plan for a new location.  Mark your calendars now–it is a week later, March 2-4, 2018!

Hope to see you at events around the state this weekend!

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