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Greene County

March 17, 2017

I am so impressed with the Greene County Master Gardeners and how they pull together to pull off an amazing educational event.  Today they had a packed house of 100 people who came to learn about pollinators of all sorts–from butterflies and bees, to hummingbirds and bats.  I think they may need a bigger room next year!    They had a table full of breakfast snacks and then every break the tables were replenished.  One of their members (Marilyn) took the lead on preparing lunch for everyone and it was delicious.    They had packets put together with handouts for everyone, registration went smoothly and they kept the meeting on time and flowing.  There was a whole lot of learning going on today and I saw people from as far south as Magnolia and Mt. Ida as well as all the counties surrounding Paragould.  They really outdid themselves. Mimi represented County 76 and was selling gardening wares.

This just goes to show that you don’t have to have 100’s of members to put on a great event. I am amazed at the quality of these events from Jonesboro, El Dorado, to Mt. Home and now Paragould.  Thanks to all our volunteers who work so hard to organize, educate and feed our clientele!

Leaving the community center I loved the look of the fresh mulch in the beds surrounding the parking lot. There is something clean about a fresh layer of mulch that just freshens up any landscape.   And while I admire firemen for all the work they do to keep our communities safe, I think we might need to educate them on how to prune a crape myrtle.    I took this photo outside the local fire station!

It was an easy drive with a little rain off and on as I went and redbuds in bloom all along the interstate. It was much cooler in Paragould than Little Rock, and they did have some damage up there with the recent cold snap.  They also had almost 6 inches of snow last weekend.  Thankfully that was long gone.

I came home to a dinner that was almost done. I started corned beef with vegetables this morning and added the cabbage after I got home.  This is our traditional dinner on St. Patrick’s Day.

I also had time to walk the garden. My peas, spinach and kale seedlings that emerged so quickly have really just been sitting there with this cool weather.  No damage, but not much growth either.   I think the upcoming warm weather coupled with a little rain should be the boost they need to kick in and grow. I did buy two new artichoke plants today.   I have one that continues to come back each year and last year another plant grew large but did not flower, so third time is the charm right?

Tomorrow morning I head to Fort Smith to speak at the River Valley Lawn & Garden Show, then I will host and speak at our last District Dig In from 3-6.  The River Valley Lawn and Garden Show is open all day tomorrow and Sunday at the Convention Center in downtown Fort Smith.  Come join us!


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