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Spring is back!

March 19, 2017

It may have been a bit cool this morning at 60 but the day warmed up quickly to 76 and tomorrow will be close to 80!  I had some inside tasks I had to get finished before I could go play in the yard, but I did get them done and had a few hours of bliss in the sunshine!  I pruned back the buddlea, abelia, and some panicle hydrangea, plus I finally cut off the spent blooms from the big leaf hydrangea that were still lingering.    I cleaned up some perennials, deadheaded some things and fertilized and watered my vegetables.  I did harvest some kale that had started bolting, but overall the vegetable garden looks pretty good.  The perennials are coming up strong. I had the first bloom on a shade loving hardy geranium  and the Solomons seal is beginning to colonize.   The deciduous azalea is still gorgeous and the white blooming loropetalum is in its full glory. I could use a lot more time in the garden, but there is stiff competition for my time these days. Besides a busy work schedule, we have finally started on the remodeling of the kitchen and adjoining rooms that I have been planning for 20 years.  While I was gone yesterday, Clay started on the painting of the family room and it is almost done except for trim. From this:  to this:  I have a lot of room for art.

I am trying to get as many before, during and after photos.  We don’t demo for a couple of weeks so I have time to get things out so I am doing some a bit at a time. I have been cleaning off the bookshelves in the office to make a makeshift pantry.   Who knew I had so many cans of chile peppers and tomatoes?  Our house is going to be a bit chaotic the next few months but I can’t wait for the final outcome!  I think I will try to cook like a mystery basket theme to try to use up what we are finding.  Tonight I made chicken tortilla soup and used up some of the cans of tomatoes and chili peppers.  With fresh vegetables from the refrigerator, kale from the garden and chicken and tortillas on the grill it was pretty tasty.   Pumpkin pies might be in our future as well since we found 4 cans of pumpkin!


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  1. Linda Kordsmeier permalink
    March 20, 2017 7:37 am

    Look how much brighter the room looks painted! I just survived a kitchen make over and it’s well worth the mess. Good luck!

    • uamg permalink
      March 20, 2017 7:42 am

      I know. We should have done it years ago.

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