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Spring fever is hitting!

March 24, 2017

This morning I had a meeting in Sheridan so it was an early drive down. The wisteria is running rampant in the woods all along the highways and interstates everywhere I drive. While folks remark on how pretty it is, it is also pretty devastating to the trees it is growing on. Wisteria forms a woody vine which can girdle and kill a tree if it is allowed to grow unchecked. There is no one to maintain it in the wild and it is spreading like wildfire.  Wherever it touches ground it roots, and it can choke out other plants; pretty but deadly!

After my meeting I drove back to Little Rock. This afternoon we had to do a bit of kitchen work, picking out flooring.  I am getting close to nailing down all our choices and it is beginning to seem real.  After I get home tomorrow afternoon from my hosta society talk in Hot Springs I plan to begin to really empty out the kitchen except for essentials.

After I went to the flooring store, there just happened to be a nursery across the street, so I had to stop in and see what they had.  While many shoppers were loading up on summer annuals, tropicals and tomatoes and peppers, I think it is too early.  It is still March after all!  I did buy some callibrachoa –which can handle cooler weather, along with the new spoon osteospermum that I saw in Cornwall last fall.  Osteospermum is another annual that does well in cooler weather and rarely survives all summer in Arkansas, but I am trying another one.  There were numerous varieties and they all have stunning blooms.   I also bought some fuchsia–another plant that doesn’t like our summers. I had one last year that made it almost through July so however long they last I just adore them.   Spring fever is hitting and garden centers are exploding with plants.  If you haven’t started shopping, you need to go explore, but don’t plant warm season lovers just yet.

I did not have time to plant by the time I made it home but I did have time to walk the garden. My potatoes which were not visible on Monday are all up and looking fine.  Amazing what a little rain can do.   My rhododendron is getting ready to pop  and the kerria is beginning to bloom and the red buckeyes are not far behind.   Most people are familiar with the purple foliage and pink flowered loropetalum but the first plants were green leafed with white flowers. My Emerald Snow loropetalum is in full bloom and doing well in fairly heavy shade.   Every day is a new day in the garden and there is always something new in bloom these days. Take time to explore your garden and add to it.

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