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Hosta Society and Garvan

March 25, 2017

When I left my house a little before 8 this morning it was gloomy and misty raining. Overnight I had high winds but only  a half inch of rain.  One of my planters blew over but I was able to shove the soil and roots back in and right it, so I think I have salvaged all the plants.  As I made it to Saline county the sun started shining and it was a beautiful day at Garvan Gardens where I was speaking to the Hosta Society.  I have not been to Garvan in the spring rush on a Saturday before. I was there at opening, so it was not too busy, but by the time I left at almost noon, the place was jammed with people and the parking lot was full.  It was a pretty day to be in the gardens.

The central Arkansas Hosta Society has members from all over and it was jam-packed today.    After I finished speaking I walked the garden quickly with Hilde to look at the Southern Inspiration Garden and the garden in general. They got over 3 inches of rain yesterday and coupled with winds knocked off some tulip blooms, but some of the later varieties still look good.   The deciduous azaleas at the entrance and the fothergilla look amazing right now.

In addition the regular azaleas are kicking in with blooms along with hardy orchid (bletilla)  and the ferns are emerging.  along with oakleaf hydrangeas and Solomon’s seal.

The Indian hawthorn have lovely pink blooms  and you can see the spent  blooms from crossvine on the path, but the vines are growing up the trees to find sunlight.

If you have not been to Garvan Gardens lately, it is worth the trip. There are a lot of plants in bloom and it changes daily. 

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  1. Aric Armstrong permalink
    March 27, 2017 5:17 am

    Thankyou Janet, Florida plants are just so different. I plan to be there next month, and will make a trip to Garvan
    Aric Armstrong – Horseshoe Bend

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