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A very busy Sunday

March 26, 2017

Who knew there was so much stuff in one kitchen!  I have been working off and on all day to empty out the kitchen in preparation for demolition next week. While I have definitely made progress, I am not totally finished.  I have decided that travel cups and lids are like socks–you can never find the matching pair!  I have a lot of stuff in cabinets I never seem to use so anything I deemed I did not want made it to the dining room table for the kids to pick from. If they don’t want it then off to Goodwill!

I have set up makeshift stations in the office, spare bedroom, living room and downstairs, and I haven’t filled up my allotted space yet, so things look promising.  I also think I have a usable system so I can still have access to everything while we don’t have a kitchen.

In addition to kitchen duty today, I did have time to play with my new toy in the garden. I got a rechargeable power pole chain saw last fall on sale, and finally used it today. It worked like a charm. I pruned to my heart’s content until I ran out of juice–both with my pole saw and my personal energy!      I removed as much of this large dead bush as I could and will wait on a full chain saw to take it to the ground.  I have really opened up the yard by removing lower limbs and thinning out branches on loropetalum, Japanese maples, tulip magnolia and more.     Then it was back to kitchen duty.  I did get another break this afternoon when some friends stopped by to dig up some hellebores and toad lilies.  I have more than my fair share and was more than happy to share. It also was a good diversion.

I am experimenting with my new outdoor grill as well. I figure we will be using it a lot in the next few months. It came with a built-in infrared rotisserie, so I did a pork loin and also grilled some fresh pineapple. It was a scrumptious dinner. 

As soon as I get the last load of laundry out of the dryer, I am off to bed!  I head to Hope tomorrow night for a program at Hempstead Hall at the UA community college. Come join us!


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