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From Hope to Camden

March 28, 2017

I had about 4 hours this morning to drive from Hope to Camden for MG Training, so I had a bit of time to kill. I did all my emails at the hotel and then had time to pick up supplies for a workshop I have this Sunday in Hope. I drove the back route (roads I had never driven before) and made it into Camden a little over an hour early, so decided to check out the downtown and the local Four Seasons Nursery.  The downtown has come a long way and looks great!   The Four Seasons Nursery was loaded with plants, and I had a good visit with the owners and loaded up on plants. I had to hustle to get to MG training, so I didn’t get enough photos of what I bought, but will remedy that tomorrow. I  found a whole selection of Crazytunias in a wide array of colors.    They had some other unique plants including a nuns orchid-Phaius tankervilliae.   It looks like a Bletilla on steroids.  I bought one but am well aware it is not winter hardy, but this is one I can divide and bring inside.  I quickly loade the car and headed to the county office so I wouldn’t be late.  I will share more of the plants tomorrow.

The Ouachita and Union County MG group training today was all women, but loaded with questions. They had an excellent potluck lunch to kick off the day and then I lectured all afternoon and they ended with their final test, and I headed home.

In between I did have time to go outside and look at how county agent Keri is converting her old raised beds to new ones.  A little weed control and some fresh soil should get these off to a great start this summer.   Camden is also the recipient of one of the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show Greening of Arkansas Grants and they are doing a great job of advertising it.  This is the area they plan to landscape.  Can’t wait to see the results.

I made it home early evening and met with our contractor and then cooked dinner, so it was a very full day.  So much to do!

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