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Work, weather and plants

March 29, 2017

It was a full day at the office and we got a lot done.  We got information out about the Rhine trip in 2018, County 76 meeting April 25, and Saturday MG training in July.  We also held our first What’s Up Wednesday session for agents with all of the horticulture specialists. I think this zoom session will be a great addition to our program updating agents on what is happening around the state.  We will hold them once a month for any county agent who would like to participate.

It got hot today and my house felt like an oven when I got home. I am trying not to turn on the air conditioner, but I did turn it on long enough to cool the house down.  My house is in such turmoil but I do like the windows open. Not sure how much longer I will hold out.  They say storms are headed our way but so far we have seen a little bit of lightning but that is about it.  We could use a little rain, but I don’t want storms.

I did water the plants I bought yesterday and last week, that I still haven’t planted. Hopefully I will have time to do some planting this weekend, and I do have a workshop on Sunday on container gardening.  I found a new peach colored mandevilla that is stunning. .  I also bought a Little Ruby althernanthera , a new red angelonia  (more a deep rose color), a striped single marigold  and a Velvet Elvis plectranthus.   Plectranthus is the genus of Swedish Ivy, and old-fashioned houseplant.  Mona Lavender was one of the first purple bloomers, and I found a yellow and green variegated plant last week.   Last week I also found a variegated potato vine which looks unique.

I have now found the crazy petunias at several outlets and am getting quite a collection–I just need to have time to plant them.   These will tolerate cool temperatures so should be fine to have outside early.  so will callibrachoa. I have found one of the deepest reds. 

I have quite a collection of new plants to plant, but I do have quite a few things in bloom already in the garden– my blackberries are blooming  and although I still have blooms on my blueberries, my bushes are loaded with fruit.   My columbine  is blooming and so are my azaleas.  along with the yellow-twigged dogwood and Solomon’s seal.   Every day is a new adventure and discovery in the garden.  Our early spring is turning out to be spectacular. Make sure your late spring and summer gardens are too. Plants are arriving daily at garden centers. The problem is deciding what to buy!

Stay safe if there are storms tonight. I leave in the morning for Fort Smith to start planning garden tours for 2018 conference.  Hope the weather cooperates.

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  1. April 24, 2017 9:15 am

    your garden is a combination of very nice seems like heaven on earth,,your columbine is so refreshing i will plant it in my garden too

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