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Gardening and Containers

April 2, 2017

Most of my work on the kitchen has been done, so today I did a bit more clean-up but left the heavy duty to others with more walls coming down and dust everywhere! Clay is in 7th Heaven and doesn’t seem to notice the fine layer of dust covering everything in sight. I left drop cloths as a hint to put them up before moving forward.  I reinforced the idea verbally!   I did get to spend some time in the garden too. I had the morning free before heading to my church for a program on container gardening this afternoon. I got some of the plants planted that I have been purchasing the past couple of weeks and am slowly renovating the containers.  I pulled weeds and did a little pruning before it started clouding up. I decided to load my car before it started raining with all the plants I was taking to the workshop, and that turned out to be a wise decision.  I plan to put more tropical plants in the center of some of these pots, but I am waiting until mid-month to get them.  I did break down and buy a couple of gorgeous Lantana but they won’t do much growing until it warms up a bit.  The callibrachoa, petunias, osteospermum and fuchsia absolutely adore this weather, so they should do well.

My cool season vegetables are doing well, and I have NOT planted any tomatoes, peppers or eggplants yet. I think mid-April is the earliest they should be planted in Arkansas regardless of the temps. My lettuce and kale are doing great, and the red mustard is getting huge–too bad I don’t like cooked mustard greens.  Maybe I need to look for some innovative uses?! The potatoes are coming along nicely and so are the onions, broccoli, spinach and peas.  You can tell it rained after I seeded the kale and spinach–the rows are no longer straight or spread out enough. 

It was raining as I drove to the event this afternoon and it really came down after I unloaded. It was lightning and thundering and they worried it would keep folks home, but we had a great turnout.    I spoke on container gardening and answered a lot of questions on general gardening as well. It really was raining as we left and by the time I made it home we had over an inch and a half of rain at my house and more is predicted until midnight. We needed the rain.  It really cooled off too!

Tomorrow I head to Garvan Gardens in the afternoon to tape TV spots.  It is supposed to be a pretty day so can’t wait to see what is in bloom. Haven’t we had a pretty spring thus far?

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