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Planting your bloomers

April 4, 2017

Today was Cross Counties annual Planting your Bloomers gardening workshop.  They started at 8:30 with registration and had programming through 3:30.  I thought they had a full house last year, but they had 100 people and a waiting list of folks trying to get in.  They need a bigger meeting space, but they hate to give up the built-in food of this facility.   There was a good mix of Master Gardeners and general gardeners from 14 counties!  They asked questions and were copiously taking notes.  This small but mighty group does a fabulous job of putting on a seminar.  They had all the bases covered.  Mimi was there representing County 76 and selling her wares but there was a whole lot of learning going on.  The first speaker had to cancel just last week after all the programs were printed, but it didn’t faze them at all. They found a replacement who did an outstanding job on vegetables, and the show went on!  I spoke on annuals and perennials and trends in gardening. The final speaker was on fairy gardens and the Cross County folks had miniature gardens as decorations all over the place.  Great job Cross County!

It was an easy drive up and back, and a beautiful day, but it did heat up–up to 86 in LR.  I think I am getting a handle on my kitchen chaos.  I have stations for everything I need to do and it is slowly coming together. I bought a dishwasher tonight and have paid for the flooring and now I just have to wait and see what happens. I will be traveling quite a bit, so I won’t get to see daily results, so my husband will have to take pictures!

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