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April 5, 2017

It was a fast sprint at the office trying to get everything done that needs to.  Spring is always a wild ride in the horticulture department and this year is no exception.  If you were outside at all today, it felt a whole lot like last Thursday when we were touring in Fort Smith. It was cold here in Little Rock and the wind was whipping. I did do a landscape consult this afternoon and it COLD.  Here are a couple of other reasons why you shouldn’t plant Bradford pear trees:   Surface roots and breaking branches.

We also saw some good examples of crape murder  but also some excellent examples of large azaleas in full bloom. 

Any spring blooming plants need to be pruned, do so as soon as they finish blooming.  Wisteria is an invasive plant that can take over, but if you can prune it to a trellis or designated spot and prune it hard each year it can be pretty.   Wisteria can be purple or white and both types can be as invasive as can be. 

The kitchen keeps getting bigger and bigger with less thing in it! 

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