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Sharp County and so much to do1

April 8, 2017

We had a great crowd this morning in Sharp County at their annual garden expo.  They had a good mix of men and women, and all ages, plus plenty of questions.     I was first up and then on the road home.  They had two more speakers after me.

I made a quick stop to pick up some supplies I needed at the WalMart in Ash Flat and saw an interesting site in the parking lot.  Neither dog made a peep, but they were on vigilant duty waiting on their masters. I also picked up the first Arkansas strawberries of the season from Bald Knob (we ate them for dinner and they were great!) and saw an interesting display in their parking lot as well. 

It was an easy drive home and I was unloaded and about to take the car to the office when I was informed I had 4 boxes of perennial plants to pick up at the Democrat, so out we went. I got them home, unloaded and took the car back to the office. It was now 3:30 p.m. and I had a lot to get done. I got laundry done, unloaded the 4 boxes and since I didn’t have time to plant and I am leaving for North Carolina in the morning, I found a large pot and have them all together and watered in.  I did try to get as many of the annuals I have been collecting planted or at least grouped together for easier watering. Family has their marching orders for plants that need to be tended until I return.  I am sure they are thrilled. 

While I was out watering everything, I noticed I have my robin family back on the deck. They have relocated nests around the yard too, but ever since we dislodged them two years ago to put up the new siding, they have been AWOL.  She is back and totally comfortable with me coming and going watering and planting.    Petals was thrilled I was home and followed me all over the yard planting, watering and checking on things–she had to check out the fish as well.  The kitchen is coming along– I now have no sink, stove or cooktop—not that I have used them in the past few days but I do have can lights in three of the four rooms they are slated for–I have lots of light!  The new cabinets should arrive the day I return, so I can’t wait to see them upon my return. They will not be stained, but should be in.  Since I was only home tonight, Katie and I cooked dinner together downstairs and outside.  I showed her what can be picked while I am gone and we had a great salad fresh from the garden along with homegrown grilled giant red mustard and cabbage, lemon pepper tilapia and gnocchi.  Followed by Arkansas strawberries, it was a feast!  Now I need to finish packing. I leave in the morning for a volunteer conference in Asheville, NC.  A busy day!


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