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Asheville NC and volunteer conference

April 9, 2017

I rushed around at home all morning finishing up last minute things.  I got started on our taxes but just barely.  I almost lost track of time, but glad to have an excuse to stop doing them!  Made it to the airport and we left on time and things looked good. I made it to Charlotte and they said my connecting flight was on time, but things changed and we ended up leaving almost two hours behind.  Once I landed I got my luggage and the friendly folks from NC state were waiting to shuttle us to the hotel.  There were 5 on my plane–most coming from much further than me–Idaho and Colorado.  I am surprised at how far behind us they are. Spring is just starting with most trees just leafing out.

I am in NC for a volunteer conference. Tomorrow is the pre-conference meeting for MG coordinators.  There are a lot of interesting sessions and I am hoping to get ideas for our programs.

Before I left I had so much in bloom in my yard and I am sure 4 days will make a huge difference.  I had buds all over the confederate jasmine the red buckeyes were blooming

and some of my clematis were getting started while others are almost over.

The figs  are really growing quickly too.   As I was planting yesterday, I did notice some seedlings coming up in some of my pots, not sure what they are, so I will have to keep watching.

Tomorrow, we start with meetings and do have a chance to go to the arboretum in the afternoon for a bit. It will be interesting to see what is in bloom, since they told me the azaleas have not quite started on the Blue Ridge Parkway yet.


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