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Volunteer conference day 2

April 11, 2017

We have had a full day of seminars today with the largest group they have had at the national extension volunteer conference. I am energized after a day of ideas on how to make our MG volunteer program better.  One of the things we often struggle with is how to share our program’s impact. Today we had several outstanding sessions on how to do that. I have gotten a lot of great ideas and even some potential speakers for our own leadership program.

One quote I loved was: Goals are dreams with deadlines!  Isn’t that a great thought?  We also need to think of our volunteers as Extension ambassadors.

I learned several new concepts today from implicit bias to digital competency and that we need to create an infographic.

We also need to focus not just on years of service–which are important, but also we need to differentiate between commitment versus contribution.

One of the breakout sessions on showing impact was taught by a young county agent–only 5 years into her career.  She did an outstanding job.  It got me to thinking.  When I started as a young county agent, funding for our programs was pretty much considered a given.  We didn’t have to be out beating the bushes for grants, or extra funding, in fact we weren’t even to talk about charging for anything–our services were free.  Times have changed, and our younger agents have had to sell their programs, look for funding and justify their existence since they were hired.

Volunteers have also changed.  We learned a lot about the differences across generational lines, and that to stay relevant we all need to be willing to change and move with the times.  There has been a lot of food for thought today.  And good food!  As I started off with, I am energized!

This evening a group of us again walked downtown for a great meal.  The redbuds are glorious here right now, from common to Chinese to weeping. 

It was warmer here today than at home!

It was a pretty morning sunrise here and I have been impressed both mornings that the technology in my bathroom mirror doesn’t fog up in a small square in the center. How did they do that?

For a kitchen update, my cabinets got installed a day early, so my husband has been sending me photos to share the progress and get my opinion.   I had thought I would be home before the final install, but that is not to be, so I will get to see the end result late tomorrow night. I am scheduled to leave here at 5:40 p.m. and arrive home at 11:30 p.m.  Hope my flights are on time.

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