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Office and PLANTS

April 14, 2017

I did spend some time in the office today writing columns and doing PowerPoints, but I also got to visit some local nurseries and support a local horticulturist in Russellville. Today was Dr. Jim Collins, horticulture professor at Arkansas Tech University’s last plant sale of his career. Whatever was left will be sold tomorrow. I have known Jim for a long time and I know today was bittersweet for him.  He has had two plant sales a year during his career–poinsettias and spring plants. He had a huge crowd, many more than usual and I am sure because they all knew it was the end of an era.    Jim is retiring at the end of this school year but will stay active with the Miss Arkansas pagent.  He will also be the ending speaker for our 2017 MG conference–of which today is the last day to register for. If you plan to come you have a bit less than 3 hours to register!

We also stopped in at a couple of other nurseries to see what is out there.  So many plants and so little time!    I also stopped by one of our state MG conferernce sponsors Hocott’s to discuss bus parking. I was duly impressed by how much work they have done cleaning out the site and adding plants.  So much to see and such nice people.  There are parts of the property I have never seen this cleaned out.   This Bradford pear was in a gallon container probably 20 years ago and it still is, albeit rooted through the pot! 

I got plants unloaded tonight and I realize I have a lot to plant. I found some great plants while I was out and about.   Are these impatiens not impressive:

 along with a new lantana and callibrachoa. 

This weekend I hope to have time to spend in the garden, but taxes must be done too!


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