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A busy Easter weekend

April 16, 2017

It was a rare weekend that I did not have to work, so I had two days to get a lot of things accomplished. I did do some of the mundane things like laundry and grocery shopping, but I also finished taxes. We also purchased the last of the items (minus the light fixtures over the island) for the kitchen.  Now it is just a matter of getting things done.

I had about 3 hours to work in the garden both days and did get a lot accomplished–but so much more to do!  I pruned, planted, weeded, watered and fertilized.  My vegetable garden is looking great with the cool season plants coming along well.    I did buy one heirloom tomato plant Friday, so I planted it. I will wait and do the rest of the warm season things as I keep harvesting.

I have a ton of blueberries on my bushes and blackberries are setting well for new plants, plus many blooms on raspberries.    The pomegranates are blooming so I hope I get some fruit this year.   I would have a better shot if I had more than one plant, but time will tell.

After church, I cleaned a gallon of Arkansas strawberries to take to our Aunt’s house for Easter lunch. They were great and all gone when I left. I saved some for us to make a strawberry tart for dinner which was tasty.   I am getting quite adept at cooking and prepping in every room in our house!   We had a great family lunch at Aunt Eloise’s. 

I was home late afternoon and spent the rest of the day gardening.  I got most of the plants planted that I have been buying.    I fertilized, weeded and watered at the end.  I still have some perennials and shrubs to plant, but most of the seasonal plants are done.  Now I can buy more!

The confederate jasmine is perfuming the entire yard with its luscious fragrance, and it in combination with the clematis and final honeysuckle is glorious.   I have a variety of roses that don’t need sprays throughout the yard and they are all in full bloom.   The itea are just popping 

and the Chinese sweetshrub is loaded with blooms in the shade. 

The garden is looking good. I could use about 100 more hours in it, but I don’t have that many so it will have to make do.  

Time spent in the garden is time to reconnect and unwind! I love it, although I am pooped this evening.

I had all the kids for dinner tonight and Katie and I tag-teamed our meal. We had grilled Tuscan ribeyes with goat cheese and a fried egg, grilled smashed potatoes and roasted corn on the grill plus fresh strawberry tarts!  A feast, made better with family. Unfortunately it was so late I did not take any pictures!

I hope you all had a happy Easter weekend. I am off to bed!

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  1. Nancy permalink
    April 22, 2017 4:02 pm

    I just bought a pomegranate tree just like in your photo before I saw your photo. It has blooms and fruit on it now. I was very taken with it. Trying to decide where to plant it? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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