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Russellville MG training and projects, kitchen update

April 18, 2017

It was a gloomy, foggy and wet drive this morning to Russellville for MG training.  They had one of the largest classes they have had for a while and it was a great group of volunteers.   Pope County is almost doubling their group size. I am excited for them. They have several outstanding projects and some great leaders. I saw the raised bed gardens outside the extension office today. They are converting them from vegetables to flowers and herbs since they don’t get quite enough sun.     In one of the beds they had a great collection of intentionally planted columbine, but in another bed were some very showy, but volunteer pink blooming annual clover. A new component is a root viewing station built by Master Gardener and Master Carpenter Frank!     I get excited seeing the excitement and enthusiasm of the seasoned and new volunteers.

This garden is in a very focal spot in downtown Russellville.  Across the street is a small owl garden. Not sure if it is a home or public site.  The large catalpa tree at the front of the property was in full bloom and spectacular.   A fisherman’s dream!

Driving to and from Russellville, the roadsides are interplanted with some wildflowers. I have seen red clover and Indian pinks, but today was a glorious mix of showy evening primrose.   They look great in this situation, but in  a home landscape they can be a tad aggressive!

I had meetings this afternoon and did get some office work done.  I got home to some new improvements to the kitchen. I have cabinet doors and a sampling of paint colors.  Getting excited!

Now in addition to having no kitchen to cook in, I have to navigate the maze of dropcloths which are covering doorways trying to keep some of the dust to a minimum. I applaud their efforts! I am really mastering my new grill and tonight even made sudo-potato pancakes on the a grill pan to go with burgers and fresh strawberries.  Tasty!

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