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Technology, meetings, birthday and plants

April 20, 2017

It has been a busy two days. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a slew of emails, facebook greetings, phone calls and face-to-face wishes. It was so nice to be remembered by so many.  It was a fun day.  It was also the second of our online zoom session for County Agents.  What’s Up? Wednesdays  is an opportunity for the horticulture specialists to talk to the agents across the state monthly, updating them on what we are seeing on plants across the state and talk about solutions. Each month a mini-seminar is shared as well. This information is then available for agents to use in their county programming. It went very well. While we were zooming on the 3rd floor, Julie and crew were zooming in the zoom lab over in the annex.  They were meeting with MG online record keeping managers. They had 28 folks on the call. Isn’t technology great!

We also got out a short online survey to Master Gardener volunteers so we can update our demographics. This will help when working on grant applications, going for sponsorship and just promoting and evaluating the program. If you have not done the survey, I urge you to do so.  Julie sent it out via constant contact yesterday afternoon.  If you need the link, let me know.

I also worked on PowerPoints for my talk today, Saturday and next Tuesday.  I think I have the majority of them done. I am presenting at County 76 on our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, and it was hard to narrow down what to show.

Then last night I had a great dinner with my family.

Today I spent half a day at the office and then spent the rest of the day in Hot Springs at the Garland County monthly MG meeting. It was a pretty day for a drive, and they had a large turn-out for their monthly meeting.  A few folks were eating lunch when I got there, and others were having a committee meeting, before the rest arrived in time for the meeting.   Garland County really does a great job of recognizing their volunteers.  They started off with Peeling the Onion–president Claudette called on a few random members and had them tell why they joined MG and to tell us something about themselves that most people don’t know.  When a group gets large it is hard to get to know everyone personally, so this is a great idea.  This was also their meeting to recognize members who have volunteered 200 or more hours in this year.  They had a slew of them that were recognized.  Gene Lichliter, MG extraordinaire got a pin and a shirt for 200 + hours for 10 YEARS!  Many more had multiple years of giving that many hours.  Each person received a small trowel pin to add to their nametags and t-shirts for 1, 5 and 10 years of doing so.   They also recognized the outstanding contribution of their new members.   We could all learn a lot from this example. They were laughing and celebrating each other’s achievements.  That is what this program is all about.

The meeting did run a little long as there were some interesting discussions about possibly changing their venue.  Things got a bit heated at times and some were better at parliamentary procedure than others.  It is great that so many people care so passionately about their program.  I think it is important that we remember that while we may not all agree on how we do things, we need to be open to listening to each other’s opinions and weighing the options.

I got home and walked the garden. While rain is predicted possibly tomorrow, I did water pots and vegetables.  The garden is growing well. I have broccoli coming on and I harvested a nice salad for dinner tonight.   My alstroemeria lily is about to bloom, but I did spot one sprout of a green plant in the center.  You need to watch that, since a variegated plant can revert back to green if you allow it to happen.  I will prune it out this weekend.   The confederate jasmine is giving off an intoxicating aroma.   I adore this evergreen vine.  I also have itea in full bloom along with roses, summer spirea and annuals.  The lycoris foliage is beginning to die back, so it will be about 6 weeks when the naked ladies should appear.

I was prepping my dinner in the little bathroom, and noticed ants had found the sugar canister. They never found it in the kitchen, but they found it in a bathroom that never had food it in before.  How do they do that?  I threw away the sugar and killed as many of the ants as I found. Hopefully they will disappear again!



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  1. Charlotte Abbott permalink
    April 20, 2017 9:11 pm

    I just saw a FB post about ants in pet food, it said draw a line around the bowl with chalk, haven’t tried it but looks interesting.

    • uamg permalink
      April 21, 2017 8:22 am

      I will have to try that. Thanks.

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