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Blackberry winter, plant sales, meetings, and fun

April 22, 2017

Today was a true blackberry winter.  This term came about before the weatherman could show digital weather maps and explain where cold fronts were heading in, but typically when the blackberries were in bloom, a late cold snap would occur. In my yard, my blackberries have finished blooming and have set an abundance of fruit,  but I could call it raspberry winter, because my raspberries are in full bloom.   Maybe the folklore weather hasn’t been in touch with global warming!  Whatever the case it was a cold day today! If I had been home tonight I would have had a fire in the fireplace.  I was lucky that I had an indoor plant sale to attend today.

The White County Master Gardeners held their first ever plant sale today at the Carmichael Center and it was a roaring success.  They had excellent plants and were well-organized.   County Agent Sherri Sanders was even in attendance with a torn meniscus.   They had some great plant ideas, such as a 4-pack with 4 different plants to create your own mixed container.   and they had some planted mixed containers.  They had folks on hand to answer questions and to take soil samples. They also had a seminar room, where I spoke on good plants for the garden, and featured many of the plants they were selling.   White County MG’s should be proud of this obvious successful event.

Since it was too cold to work outside, and my house is a construction zone, I spent the afternoon writing columns and finishing up Power Points for the coming weeks. I am presenting a program next week for the Texas MG state conference which they are holding on a short cruise out of Galveston.  I also typed up my notes from our meeting at the Doubletree yesterday with the hotel staff concerning our 2017 MG conference.   By the time I had finished all of that, it was time to head to supper club. We had a fun evening with friends.

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  1. April 23, 2017 6:29 am

    Thanks for the history lesson on the blackberry winter…I bet that is far more accurate then most of our weather folks on TV ! I always so they are the only paid folks that

    can be wrong 80% of the time and still have a Job !!

    Thanks for the photos of the plant sale, I sure hope GC/MG can get inside next yr. we were so disappointed this yr. when the contract with Church of the Nazarene fell thru.

    I always get good new ideas from other MG groups, the photos showing the tall sticks with the signs is perfect, we have always marked the tables for our workers so they

    know where to put things, but these you show are perfect for our customers ….I’m sure I can find yet one more eager/MG who can make me some this week, just in time

    for our sale.

    I also couldn’t help but notice many of the plants had what I would call, professional nursery tags in the pots….do many of the MG groups “re-sell” plants at their sale?

    I heard at one time Saline had many vendors and that is a nice idea, except last yr. between the weather and poor planning our group lost over $650.00 due to having to

    pay taxes…lesson learned !

    Thanks again for the posts, I do enjoy each of them as they come my way.

    Diane Daniel



    • uamg permalink
      April 23, 2017 8:58 am

      I think the tags came with the seeds they got from Ball. They grew most of the plants themselves in a greenhouse. The rest of the stuff was dug from their yards. I think there are some that purchase and resell, but the majority are plants from MG yards. I still think we can revisit the contracts again.

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