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A Day in the Garden

April 23, 2017

What a glorious day it was! It was quite cool this morning, but warmed up nicely this afternoon. It was a great day to spend in the garden.  I had a lot to get done. I used two batteries full of weed-eaters to edge all the gardens and cut tall weeds (our lawn mower is still not fixed).  I planted the tomatoes and peppers I bought yesterday and I also planted lily bulbs I bought weeks ago and planted a few shrubs. I fertilized, deadheaded and watered.  I also bought my first batch of mulch today and mulched several beds.  I have a bloom on my nasturtium that I grew from seeds. My blueberries are loaded, and the pomegranate is blooming   along with the first blooms on the pineapple guava. I have the first blooms on the water lilies  and the summer spirea are blooming.

And a real surprise is my orchid. I typically buy them, enjoy them for 6-8 weeks then toss the plant.  For some reason, I kept this one after it bloomed and put it in the front window seat in my spare bedroom, and forgot about it. I am not sure how often it even got any water.  A few weeks ago I noticed some buds and then voila, today the blooms are open.   Definitely a tough survivor!

The garden is looking good.  It could use a lot more of my time, but it does well with what it has.  If you have camellias or azaleas and they are forming some thick, waxy leaves, it is azalea/camellia leaf gall. It is most common in a cool, wet spring.  It looks worse than it is.  I picked mine off today and threw them away.    I also have a few seed pods that have gotten quite large on my camellia japonica.  I won’t grow any from seed, but they will grow. 

Miss Petals loves helping me in the garden, or at least running around wherever I am.   Hard to believe she will be a year old next month.

It has been a great day in the garden, and I have also done my laundry and am almost packed for my trip this week.



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