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County 76 April meeting

April 25, 2017

We had another great County 76 MG Advisory meeting today.  We had folks from 22 counties and a lot of work got done.    We embraced the zoom technology and had a few attendees from across the state that listened in for our general session, and then we had two committees that had zoom participation. It was our first start and I think it will continue to grow.   We also had a lot of members who brought silent auction items for our state conference in a few weeks.  Ouida shared some of the new items that County 76 will be selling at the state conference as well.   We also had got some new members.

We are blessed with a strong Master Gardener program and we always welcome good publicity.  A Hot Springs magazine called Her has a great three page spread on the Garland County program.  Congratulations Garland County.

I have finally packed tonight and have printed out my boarding pass, so I think I am ready to leave tomorrow.  I watered plants even though we are supposed to get a nice shower tomorrow.  Things were pretty dry.  I walked the garden to take inventory. Amsonia and itea are bloomingand big leaf hydrangea are already setting big flower buds.   Heuchera also is looking good.

I hope whatever weather we get tomorrow waits until we are out of town and to Galveston.  Looking forward to the Texas MG Conference.

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