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Galveston, Texas

April 26, 2017

We were fortunate that we were on the plane and out of town before the weather hit LR. They thought we would have some turbulence, but it was an easy flight. I also had an e-ticket for the first time and ordered by first solo uber ride (Clay normally does it)! Uber transported us from Houston to Galveston but uber does not operate within Galveston. Only Get Me works here and they are not as reliable. We had to wait quite a while to get a ride to dinner and had to use a taxi back since there were no get me drivers available. So much to learn about technology and apps! (And how to close them!)

We have run into a lot of MGs we have seen before at conferences as well as Arkansas folks. It is a nice hotel with beautiful gardens. 

We ate dinner with a great view of the water. I love the smell of the sea and to hear the waves is relaxing. 

Tomorrow we head to the cruise ship and join over 600 Master Gardeners. It should be an exciting adventure.

Here is a mystery plant for you to identify. A hint, it has thorns and a very pleasant scent.

On the home front: the countertops were being installed as I was leaving this morning. 

I was able to hang around long enough to get a glimpse. I think it is going to look fabulous all put together. I should have a semi-working kitchen when I return Monday.

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