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Office, Garvan and kitchen update

May 2, 2017

I had a half of a day at the office and it felt like 10 minutes.  We have a lot of last minute details to wrap up for the state conference, and it was a flurry of phone calls, emails and meetings before I had to leave for Garvan to tape our monthly tv spots.  The rain and wind this past week had many of the lingering blooms on azaleas and dogwoods knocked off, but the later blooming deutzia, roses and leucothoe were filling in. 

Many perennials were in bloom with a whole host of bees, butterflies and other insects hovering.

The stand of verbena bonarensis just gets bigger and bigger and does not stop blooming.   Some of the more drought-tolerant perennials were a bit worse-for-wear with all this rain. I have a milkweed that is toppling and this yarrow is sprawling too much as well.

The Garland County Master Gardeners have done themselves proud with the Southern Inspiration Garden. It looks amazing and has the most color of any part of the garden.   It was a beautiful day to be in the garden, but it was much warmer than yesterday (and this morning). It has definitely been a weird weather pattern so far this year.

I made it home to a new experience. They have taped and draped the whole upstairs in preparation for spraying trim tomorrow.      We are painting additional rooms since walls have been knocked out.  It was a maze navigating upstairs. I had to go downstairs and up to the deck to have access to my refrigerator and Clay had to do the same to get to his TV!  But I do have a sink and RUNNING WATER and my stove top and hood are in.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.    Each day is an adventure, but it has really not been bad and I have a great crew of guys working for us!     I will miss the spraying tomorrow as I head north to Fort Smith for a couple of days!

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  1. zulamaud permalink
    May 2, 2017 8:34 pm

    Your coreopsis picture was shown on Channel 11 weather tonight.

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