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Rain and Planning

May 3, 2017

Rain was predicted today and they nailed it. It was sunny as I left LR but the skies quickly turned darker. I was meeting the tour committee in Altus to look at potential pre-tour options for 2018.  I made it to Chateau Aux Arc a bit early and I am glad I did.  I pulled in and parked and it was cloudy.  and within 5 minutes the skies opened up and it poured rain along with lightning, thunder and marble-sized hail.    Luckily the heavy rain did not last long and by the time everyone had arrived it was just lightly raining.  We met with folks at Chateau Aux Arc, Wiederkehr and Post.  All have great options for us.   Then we went to Subiaco and met with their head gardener and learned about options there.  They had some of the most spectacular Gloxinia I have ever seen.  Driving back towards Fort Smith we stopped in at a long running family owned azalea and Japanese maple nursery – Cardin Harris nursery.  We were also told by many that we needed to go to Nanna’s Iris garden in Charleston.  So we did and met with the most wonderful gardener.  Then it was back to the Learning Fields. I had time to check in to my hotel and catch up on phone calls and emails before our committee chair meeting tonight.  Things are coming together.

Tomorrow morning I speak for their new MG training class before heading back home.  Let’s hope the rain clears out and the temperatures warm up just a bit. It was cold today and very wet!

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