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MG training, weather and planning

May 4, 2017

The River Valley MG training is a full week of classes. They are completing all 40 hours in one full week. I spoke all morning on ornamentals and this class of 20 men and women was full of questions.  They are eager to learn and I think will be a great addition to the River Valley program.  Not only did they have questions for me, but they were very engaged getting to know each other. I left them as they were about to eat their lunch.  It was bright and sunny in Fort Smith but raining as I neared LR.  I, for one, am about done with rain for a bit!  It was also quite cold today.  When I got up they said the temperature was 44 but with the wind chill it felt like 39 and it is MAY!  It only got up to 60 degrees in LR and all the men working on the house were in sweatshirts today it was so cold.  And just a day or two ago it was in the 80’s!  Weird, weird weather.

There were many more storms throughout Arkansas yesterday and once again trees are down, including many small branches in my yard but this large tree in my neighborhood.  You can see the obvious decay in the tree from an old wound.  This makes trees much more susceptible to falling apart in a storm.

It finally stopped raining early evening and I did walk outside.  My potato plants are not looking good–too much rain maybe.  The hellebores have about finished making seeds and the seed heads are beginning to open and scatter seeds.

The pineapple guava plants are producing an abundant amount of blooms  with many more buds to bloom.  My pomegranates are also blooming. They produce two types of flowers–male and hermaphroditic (perfect) blooms.   The top bloom which is fuller or more vase-shaped is the perfect bloom containing male and female parts while the more bell-shaped bloom is the male bloom and will fall without producing a fruit. Better production will occur with multiple plants, but I only have one and am hoping to see some fruit this year.

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