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Volunteer Walk-through and giveth and taketh away~

May 8, 2017

According to Leah it is one for the history books. She said it was the largest volunteer walk-through in record in Little Rock (but I know we beat it in 2007 for the international event with 450 volunteers, long before this).  Regardless of the record it was a great event today and highly organized.  Volunteers began arriving by 8:15 a.m. and they picked up their volunteer apron and name badges plus a copy of the schedule.    These are dedicated volunteers and they asked a whole slew of questions, which we had answers for the majority of them! It went like clockwork–a precursor of what will happen May 21.  We have an excellent group of volunteers with exceptional leaders in Joellen and Valerie.   They have worked tirelessly  to make sure this is a top-notch event and they are rallying the troops.  It was a fully-engaged and enthusiastic group of volunteers today.  If you aren’t registered, I am sorry because it is going to be outstanding!  Pulaski County is doing themselves proud. We introduced the committee chairs, extension staff, hotel and convention center staff and went step-by-step through the program.  After all questions were answered,  we divided up into 4 groups and toured the facilities so everyone would know the location of all events.  Now all we have to do is wait until May 20!  (there are a few things we need to do between now and then, but for the volunteers with jobs, that is true)

We had an executive debriefing afterwards and then Julie and I made it back to the office. I worked on AV needs and a few more loose ends and then I went to Cantrell Gardens to look at bus parking for one of our tours.  The owner, Rick, is quite confidant that even two full-sized buses will park easily.  I am so impressed by how excited our local nurserymen are to host our Master Gardeners and to help be sponsors.  As you shop at Cantrell Gardens, Good Earth, Hocotts and River Valley please say thank you.  Not only are they sponsors but these four spots are also on pre-tours. Bemis Tree farm also is a sponsor but unfortunately is not on a tour, but say thanks!

I made it home to find my construction crew putting up more plastic to be able to spray tomorrow.  I have a working stove, two ovens, a dishwasher and sink but then they covered it up with plastic!  Tomorrow I should see some radical difference in walls, since I get new floors on Wednesday.

I did walk the garden and it is amazing how much things change in a day. I harvested (and ate) 2 raspberries and 3 blueberries.  More will follow.

The sweetbay magnolia buds yesterday are blooms today.  They have such a great fragrance along with the gardenia and confederate jasmine.   What a pleasure.

What is really nice is now I am talking gardening with my contractor and crew.  Maybe I can get them to be Master Gardeners.  They are dedicated–some come early and some stay late!

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