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Office, planning, nursery and floors

May 10, 2017

I spent 80% of the day at the office.  I did get two more columns written.  I also worked on the Italy trip, another PowerPoint and wrapped up more loose ends for the conference.  I made a Sam’s run this afternoon to get supplies that are needed, plus went and looked at a tree that has issues. My final stop was Good Earth nursery to scout out where our buses will park.  I visited with Jennifer and we got it all figured out.   If you saw the nursery today you would be impressed with their vast array of plants.    You would not suspect that a week ago they were flooded with plants sailing across Highway 10!  They have made a very impressive recovery and are quite excited to welcome the Master Gardeners.  Don’t forget that every day they give a 10% discount if you show your MG card.

It warmed up today and air conditioning was required when I walked in the house.  The folks were a bit late to arrive this afternoon to lay the floors and they got hot too.  They had an earlier job that ran over so they will finish tomorrow morning. What they have done so far looks fantastic.  Tonight with the help of the kids we did get the family room sort of put back together, except for the coffee table, which Clay broke last night moving.  A new one will be available for pick-up on Friday!  Each day we move one day closer!

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