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Meetings, planning and birthday

May 15, 2017

We are now on countdown mode. Saturday starts our pre-conference tours and then we are into the main program, so it is coming. We are busy dotting all our I’s and crossing all our T’s to make sure everything is done. Every day I cross more to-do’s off the list.  I had several meetings today plus a few phone conference calls and things are on target. It is going to be a phenomenal conference.  

I had a meeting at Clark and Henrik’s today–one of our homes on the tour. It looks great and they are still hard at work making it even better!    It is just like any time you entertain or have people over, you don’t stop fluffing things until the first guest arrives. That is how our gardeners view these garden tours.  They don’t stop weeding, deadheading, or planting until the first bus arrives.  I love that about gardeners. They never think it looks good enough, but they look great!  Those of you signed up for the tour–you will NOT be disappointed.

Unfortunately, those of you reading this who have not registered, it is too late to do so. Registration stopped mid-April and all our final numbers are in.  Plan for 2018 in Fort Smith.

In addition to planning, I also participated in a committee meeting this afternoon to review the soil sampling procedures for home gardeners.     We are trying to work out a better method for the results forms that are easy to understand.  Look for some changes by fall.

A lot got accomplished today, but tonight was a night to celebrate.  My first born turned 31 today–How did this happen?  It seem like only yesterday he was born.  We met up with a bunch of his friends and had a great time celebrating this amazing life!    

Happy Birthday Son!  Life is good!  I have been blessed by a great family, wonderful children, parents and husband, friends, volunteers and job. It doesn’t get much better than this!



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