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Planning, weather, and conifers

May 17, 2017

Today was a series of phone calls, emails and meetings pertaining to the MG conference which starts Saturday with a pre-tour.  Everyone is really focused on the weather forecast right now, and rain is predicted for parts of our conference, even though we have ordered sunny skies.  If you are scheduled for an outside tour, bring a raincoat (and maybe a poncho) because tours go rain or shine. If there is lightening we will reconsider!  Hopefully the forecasts are wrong.    Regardless of the weather, it is going to be an amazing conference.

This morning was our 3rd What’s up Wednesday horticulture zoom session. We had good participation and covered a lot of current issues.    These sessions are for county agents only and they are a way for us to communicate statewide with all our counties at once on current issues.

This spring our junipers got pruned hard to try to keep them from encroaching on the sidewalks.   You need to be careful when pruning needle-type evergreens because they don’t rebound nearly as quickly as broadleaf plants.  They have very few buds on old wood so they look fairly ugly for awhile.  Here is what they look like 2 months later:   Your best bet when pruning junipers or other needle plants, is to try to do a little every year so you can leave some green growth behind.  Eventually some will fill in, but it does take time. 

Rain is coming once again, with more in the forecast.  Let it rain tomorrow and Friday but then let’s do the non-rain dance for Saturday -Monday.  We have 600 gardeners converging in Little Rock for our state conference with several outside tours and events.

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