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A flurry of activity, garden and friends

May 18, 2017

My head was spinning when I left the office today.  The phone did not stop ringing, nor emails stop flying.  I had both lines ringing much of the day. SO many last-minute details come together the last few days. Regardless of how organized you are, nothing stops the flurry of activity leading up to a big event. I got out and picked up a few last-minute supplies, and tomorrow we start loading cars to be ready for Saturday morning.  We have sent out some final emails with tips to remind folks going on the pre-tours and everyone about parking, rain gear and a few details about events. If you tell people too early, they tend to forget, so we will probably send one more email tomorrow.   I feel like a general rallying the troops before we head into battle–albeit a much nicer event than a true battle.

The storms that were promised for today did not materialize and it warmed up.  I should have watered a bit when I made it home, but I really didn’t have time, and I suspect we might be getting some rain. I am just hoping it tries to jive with our outside schedule.  We are keeping our fingers crossed but bringing rain gear just in case.  I am getting quite a few vegetables, but don’t want to pick too much before I get done with the conference, because I don’t think it will be used. I am getting about 10 blueberries and raspberries a day right now.  Do you see the pink ones?   That is their mature color–it is a variety called Pink Lemonade and I love the flavor. I tend to eat them as I pick them so not a whole lot are left for later use.

The kitchen is beginning to look like a kitchen and I got my dining room back tonight.   I won’t have any time to do much of any moving things around until after the conference is over so I will be surprised to see what is done when I get back.  Even though the conference is in LR, I stay at the hotel, because we work long days and it is easier to be on-site.

Tonight we went out to dinner with some of Clay’s high school buddies. One of them was in town from Atlanta, so it was a pleasant evening reminiscing and catching up.  

It is going to be a busy day tomorrow and then we start with pre-tour.  We have 600 Master Gardeners converging in Little Rock over the next few days.  The Art and Garden Fair is open to the public Sunday afternoon and Monday all day, so even if you aren’t registered for the conference,  you can still shop.  It will be at the back of the Doubletree outside under the cover of the parking ramp.  Come join us.



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