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Kick-off is tomorrow!

May 19, 2017

Today we are at the finish line.  Tomorrow begins a whole day of set-up and pre-tours.  There will be plenty to do to get ready for the whole crew arriving on Sunday.  We have about 150 going out on pre-tours tomorrow and we will start the day early. Today we bagged up caladium bulbs which will be in the goody bags.    We used to pass these out at the end of the conference when you turned in your evaluation, but since we now do the eval on-line, we decided to trust our volunteers to fill out the evaluations when they get home and give them their bulbs early.  MG’s who are coming , look for your caladiums in a white paper bag inside your goody bag.  They are white and will do best planted in the shade.

Once we got them all bagged and boxed and loaded into my car, we regrouped in my office and then loaded my car with more stuff and went to the storage building to get even more stuff.  Then we went to the Doubletree Hotel to take our first load of the weekend. We had banners and signs that we needed to deliver early for them to hang, and I asked permission for us to bring a load.   I think when I asked they didn’t realize they would be moved too. The sales staffs offices were temporarily moved to our plant holding site for their office remodeling.  They thought they would be moving back in this afternoon.  They are in flux but will be out of our space by noon tomorrow.  They have a big job ahead of themselves. 

We were fortunate that the conference that was in residence allowed us the use of some of their space. They were so gracious as we marched through with our stuff! 

I think they have the right attitude, you go with the flow when you are doing a conference.  It is always in a state of flux.

Once we were done there, Joellen and Valerie went one way and Julie and I headed back to the office to load another car full and make sure we had everything. I also got the keys to the Extension vans which will be our shuttles and did a quick tutorial with our van drivers of what is needed.    This is the beauty of extension folks.  Regardless of their job description, when help is needed, they are there, and with a smile on their face.  Meet Andrew and Mary Beth, our two shuttle drivers for Sunday – Tuesday!

I think we have about half of my office loaded for the conference, but we are ready.  The weather has been the talk of everyone, and we have worked on weather contingency plans and placed orders and put in prayers!  Today driving home from the hotel we left with full sun, drove through a deluge of rain and arrived at the office in sunshine–a distance of 5 miles.  I have not had a drop of rain at my house and actually watered the garden.   A minute ago the skies were black and the wind was blowing and now we have full sun!  Who knows what is in store, but we will marshal on, just like the postal service.

I did just walk the garden and it is looking good,   but could definitely get some attention, which it will not get for a while. I did harvest some spinach and lettuce for dinner and ate some blueberries and raspberries. The blackberries are showing color so I hope the hold off until Tuesday night.   The lime tree has three limes but more blooms are coming on. 

I have about finished laundry, then I need to finish packing and then I should be set to jet tomorrow morning.  I can’t wait! The Pulaski County Master Gardeners have outdone themselves planning for this event and you will not be disappointed.

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