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Wrapping up and celebrating

May 25, 2017

The past two days were spent unpacking, and organizing everything we brought back from the state conference, and there were car loads!  We got that done and put together the online evaluations for both attendees and volunteers and got those sent out Wednesday afternoon. If you were an attendee or volunteer, check your email and you should have an eval from Julie Treat. Please fill them out and get them back in by June 1.  We will compile and report back.  We seriously read your feedback and it does change how we do things.

I also signed the length of service certificates.  We had 185 five-year members, 121 ten year members, 79 new lifetime (15 year members), 19 twenty year members and 7 twenty-five year members.  Is that impressive or what? My hand got tired signing them all!  Counties who have 20 and 25 year members will get their certificates and pins in about 6-8 weeks.  We have ordered new 20 and 25 year pins and it will take a while to get in.  Those counties without any 20 or 25 year members will have their certificates and pins at the county office in a few weeks. We deliver them via district agents to save on postage.  Many counties hold them until their awards ceremonies, but the certificates also have to be signed by the local county agents.

I did get a few more columns written before leaving the office today.  Julie, Randy and I joined the Pulaski County members who volunteered at the conference to have a chance to see some of the gardens that were open on the tours.  Most gardens were open from 1-3 so there was no way you could do them all.  We did manage to see three of the gardens and they were all exquisite.  First was the Phelps, then Williams and last Mendel.  We would have liked to see more but we ran out of time.     The hydrangeas at many of the gardens were amazing.   From beautiful plants to structures, garden art and vegetables in every one of them.  I haven’t even planted squash or eggplant, and their tomatoes were ready for picking. I was quite jealous!

It was a beautiful day to be outside in a garden.

Then tonight we went to Clark and Henrik’s for a wine tasting and a look at their gardens, which were not open today because of their event. The gardens have never looked better and the evening was full of fun, friends and great food and wine. Such gracious hosts as always.

And to top the day off, my kitchen has lights and the back splash with glass and tiles is almost complete!  So excited!!


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  1. Louise Runyan permalink
    May 26, 2017 11:30 am

    Does the Extension Service ever have tours and seminars for just Gardeners-not Master Gardeners?

    • uamg permalink
      May 26, 2017 12:54 pm

      There are garden seminars ongoing year-round for anyone who wants to come. Most counties who have a MG program, conduct workshops and educational seminars along with plant sales which are open to the public. Check with your local county extension office for a list of events. If you can get a MG calendar (which we sell for $1) we try to list as many events as possible.

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