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Rain and weeds

June 5, 2017

The weekly rains may be good for our gardens, but they are also good for our weeds.   In this picture some of the neighboring plants are also now weeds from wisteria to wild cherry and hickory trees, along with some poison ivy.  I have had a lot of calls/emails about how to control everything from nutsedge  (firmly entrenched in liriope)  to wild violets,poison ivy and greenbriar.   

Unfortunately when the weeds are growing intertwined with ornamentals, there isn’t anything you can spray that will kill the weeds without damaging the plants.  If you can shield the desirable plants from the herbicide or sponge on some round-up you might have a little control.  With woody weeds like wisteria, and small tree seedlings, they would be harder to kill than the tender perennials they are growing in.  Hand weeding, or in the case of the above monkey grass totally getting rid of it all and starting over might be an easier solution.  A good hoe is a good thing to have but many of these weeds are tenacious and bounce back quite easily.  Scouting and control as soon as you see an issue is the best bet.

If you ignore this is what you may end up with.   Not too attractive!

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