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Pollinators Workshop and Godspell

June 8, 2017

I hope you had a chance to be outside today because it was a beautiful day.  Any time we can have full sunshine in June with really cool morning temperatures and it doesn’t get above 81 degrees is cause to celebrate. Tonight it is even cooler–quite delightful!

We had an excellent pollinators workshop today at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs. This was the second of four seminars I conduct at Garvan each year and today we had a full house and a wide variety of people and presenters.  Bee expert Jon Zawislak kicked us off on a talk on pollinators covering everything from native bees to honey bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, flies, bats and more.  Then I talked about how to have a year-round bee garden. After lunch Saline County Master Gardener Pat Gipson spoke on butterflies and I ended with native plants that attract butterflies.  There were tons of questions for all presenters and the evaluations were glowing.     We had a full hour at lunch so participants could have time to explore the gardens.  There are so many plants in bloom right now.   The peacocks were also showing off.  I did walk down and look at some ailing daylilies during the break.  

I made it home with time to switch vehicles, unload and then leave again for a night at the Rep with a friend to see Godspell.    It was an interesting interpretation of the musical with a lot of acrobatics.  A fun night for sure and definitely a full day!


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