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3 in a row! I think it might be a record.

June 11, 2017

Was it not an amazing weekend?!  Although it was more humid today than yesterday, it was still delightful working outdoors.  I had the entire weekend at home–third one in a row without working.  I think it may be a record, since I will add next week to the list!  It is amazing what you can get done if you have some time.  I tried to divide my time between inside and out, but inside lost out yesterday.  I have spent a lot of time on the kitchen lately so I had neglected the garden.  I got a lot done.  I used the weedeater to edge and cut back weeds all around the yard, and I did use the hoe and pulled some by hand.  I broke down and used landscape fabric this year under the mulch close to the street.  Obviously I did not overlap well enough and you can see where one piece ended and the other began.   This shot was pre-weeding and I pulled many of the long strands of zoysia out, and spread 8 more bags of mulch.  I pulled up all the broccoli, cabbage and lettuce this weekend.  I used every bit of the broccoli, except the roots. I chopped leaves, stalks and spears and cooked them with chicken stock, onions, garlic and seasoning to make a base for broccoli cheese soup for later–it tastes great and I will freeze it for later use.  I replanted in some of the areas. I am trying corn for the first time.  Not sure how it will work in such a small space but Clay has been wanting me to plant corn, so I gave it a go.  I fertilized all the beds, and watered  and staked a few things.  I also pruned and pulled plants that were over-dividing. I still have more thinning out I need to do. I am sharing with friends.

I still had some plants to plant, so I got those in the ground and planted caladium bulbs. I spread mulch in the vegetable gardens.  I trial new plants every year and so far this year, I have to say I am quite impressed with cuphea vermillionare, and not just because I like the color.     I have it planted in full sun and partial sun and has not stopped blooming nor wilted yet.  I also love the new verbena ‘Stormburst’ It looks great planted next to other annuals and next to my bright orange coneflower. 

I also really like the double ruby superbells callibrachoa    I try to plant in several situations and they all look great.  I also love the wasabi coleus and the summer wave purple torenia.  The garden is coming along nicely this year.  I even have a volunteer gourd or pumpkin growing from one of my pumpkins I used for decorations last year.  

My big leaf hydrangeas are still looking great and now the panicle hydrangeas are kicking in. I have several in different beds and they are beginning.    It has been a very good year for hydrangeas.

We also started a lower deck project yesterday.  Clay rented the home depot truck and got all the wood home and while he took the truck back, the kids and I moved the lumber to the back.  Then they got a lot done. It should be finished later this week.     Clay is teaching Katie and Ben a lot and they were good pupils.

I almost have everything put back in the kitchen and you could actually sleep in the bed in the spare bedroom again.  We still have art to hang, but there is only so much time in a day, but it feels great to get things accomplished. I even blew out the garage today–there is something satisfying about using a power blower.  Dust was flying everywhere, but now the garage is almost clean and we have one car back in, so the end is in sight.  Only a little more painting in other rooms before the work is 100% done.



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