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Advanced MG Training and Work

June 12, 2017

This past Friday a very young Master Gardener program and their agent hosted an Advanced Master Gardener training on Wild Food and Edible Herbs and Flowers in Huntsville, Arkansas.   The class maxed out at 50 participants from across the state and I have heard nothing but glowing reviews since Friday night.  

Not only have I heard how much people learned, but the hospitality and warmth from the local county group was over-the-top!  The Madison County Master Gardeners proved that it doesn’t take a large county program, or an old-established one to host a quality educational event for 50 plus people.  And attitude does make a difference. One Master Gardener was so impressed with the area and folks, that she is considering moving there!  Well done Madison County!

It is this can-do attitude of Master Gardeners that makes me proud to lead such dedicated volunteers.  Tomorrow night I am speaking to the Crittenden county Master Gardeners on the Past, Present and Future of the MG program.  I know this program is only going to get better because of the quality of the volunteers we have!

In addition to writing a few columns today, we also worked on PNG-leadership and hope to get the registration forms out later this week.   We strongly encourage all counties to send at least one or two representatives to this training.  It doesn’t mean you want to be president or even an officer, but the information you learn will only strengthen your local county program.  Stay tuned to your Constant Contact account for an email with the information.

The temperature really went up today along with the humidity.  We had a couple of minutes of downpours, but they lasted about a minute.  It wet the pavement and helped raise humidity. I was glad I was indoors today.  The saving grace for the rise in temperature is that it should get rid of those pesky gnats that have been plaguing us, at least in central Arkansas. Once temperatures stay above 80 degrees, they start to disappear.  I wish we could say the same thing for the mosquitoes!

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