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June 15, 2017

It has definitely been hot and humid the past two days and while there have been showers, they are very spotty throughout at least central Arkansas. I was at a store today and it was raining but not a drop fell at my house which was about 2 miles away.  This is why a rain gauge is important. Know how much rain your yard is getting. I have had a couple of days off  because my husband had some hand and arm surgery yesterday.   He is doing very well but trying to do too much already. Taking it easy must not be in the Carson vocabulary.  He will be in a soft sort of cast for 10 days and then we will see. I did try to get some things done around the house once we got home yesterday afternoon, and today went to a funeral, but time flies.  I have my supper club here at the house this weekend, so I did have time to shop and get everything in that we need. I have also been watering like crazy.

Every day I seem to get more and more weed questions.  Right now a weed to be on the lookout for is chambers bitters. This noxious annual weed loves warm weather and can grow in some of the most obscure places.  If it can grow in this rock bed, just think how well it will grow in your garden.

My herbs are growing well, and I have let my parsley start seeding trying to attract some butterflies.  

Parsley is a biennial meaning it grows foliage in one season, blooms, sets seeds and dies in the next, so it is on its way out. I am still using all the foliage underneath.  My cilantro is about to play out as well, but it is an annual which doesn’t like heat in the least.  

While the cool loving herbs are playing out the basil is coming on strong.  The more you pinch it the bushier it will grow. 

I do have quite a diverse mix of herbs growing in my yard. One that I love for fall color is pineapple sage, which blooms with beautiful red flowers for me in September and October.   My plant right now is green as a gourd, but I have seen it already in bloom in several gardens. Is it blooming in your yard yet?


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