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It was the best of times . . .it was the worst of times

June 18, 2017

Let’s start with the best.  I was on a high yesterday.  Our contractor came and did the last finishing touches of trim and paint in the hallway and helped me hang pictures. Job 100% complete and one very satisfied customer.   Just in time for our first supper club in the renovated kitchen.  I spent almost the entire day cooking and had a ball making a whole host of new dishes.     Clay really listened and took it easy watching golf all day, occasionally with company.  Supper club was a huge success.  We had a feast with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables in the mix–it was a very seasonal meal, and fun showing off the kitchen.   The purple cauliflower was a hit served two ways.  An appetizer of hot wings cauliflower with a taziki sauce to cool it down and then roasted cauliflower with the lamb chops.  In addition we had watermelon cubes with a balsamic reduction, broccoli cheese dip and grilled vegetables with pearled couscous, homemade bread  followed by a dessert of peach schnapps cake with fresh peaches and whipped cream.

We were having a great time discussing some potential upcoming trips and our next events.  Clay excused himself after eating and went to lay down.  The next thing I knew he was having one of his syncope episodes only much worse than normal.  We were lucky that we had doctors and nurses with us, but I called 911 and paramedics and the wonderful fire department folks were there in a jiffy.  We ended up on our way to UAMS where he was tested and examined thoroughly.  They really can’t find a cause, but this is the 4th episode since 2007 and never a cause is confirmed.  They almost kept him overnight (and it felt like it) but we made it home at 3 a.m. He is tired today (but so am I) but otherwise feels ok.  Very weird and hope we can find a reason soon.

To add insult to injury, our 14 1/2 year old dog Reeses had a stroke last night and we had to put her down this afternoon.     Very sad afternoon.  She will be missed.


In spite of it all, we did have a good Father’s day, albeit somewhat muted.  Instead of breakfast we had brunch and Kyle and Katie cooked.     Then Katie and Ben helped me do pizzas tonight. 

I am hoping for a bit less excitement the rest of the week.  Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.

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