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A mutual admiration event

June 19, 2017

Chair and co-chair of the 2017 State MG Conference,  Joellen and Valerie, hosted a thank you event at Joellen’s house this afternoon and it was amazing.    The food was quite impressive, but the company was even better.  This event  was their way of thanking the chairs of all the committees for all their hard work.  The committee chairs in return gave them beautiful vases engraved with the MG logo in honor of their outstanding leadership.    These conferences take dedication, planning and good teamwork, and this county had it in spades, along with two outstanding chairs.  They were organized, efficient and they pulled together a great team.  The results were an outstanding and organized event.  The evaluations bear that out.  It was a joy working with all of them, and their agent Randy.  They also gave me a beautiful gift as thanks for helping them.  While not necessary, I am very touched.  I enjoy getting to know members of the counties as they host these conferences as we work together so closely for a year or two.  I am blessed to have such fabulous volunteers.  They make me look good and I couldn’t do it without them.  I think this conference also brought their 140 county volunteers who worked on the conference closer together.  They have much to be proud of.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and condolences on Reeses, and your thoughts and prayers for Clay. He came through his latest surgery with flying colors and is hopefully on the mend with no more pitfalls.  Life is good.

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