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A day at the office and hot and dry

June 20, 2017

I was glad I was inside today, and I got a lot done at the office–from columns and letters, to catching up on phone correspondence and much more.  By the time I made it home tonight, I spent the whole night watering. My garden was dry.  I had an email question today from a newspaper reader about how much people water.  I  responded by saying that it depends on what is being grown, the type of soil, the amount of sunlight and how old the plants are. There are parts of my yard that I almost never water and the plants survive–yet others dry out almost daily in full sun.  A pet peeve is when a sprinkler system is running and it is pouring down rain.  Knowing the needs of your plants and your yard will make watering much more efficient and effective.

As I was watering and walking the yard I was also comparing what needed water and what looked fine.  The cuphea Vermillionare has not wilted once.  Cuphea is a drought-tolerant genus of plants and I like them.  I also have some tropical mandevillas planted in the ground that have shown no stress either.   Even some of the panicle hydrangeas that are in full sun keep going with no signs of stress.  

You will typically see more signs of drought stress in full sun than in shade gardens. In my partial shade area the torenias and dragonwing begonias have not wilted at all, when common impatiens do need water.

I have been quite impressed with the hot pink Supertunia Vista Fuchsia petunia.  

I was also surprised that my fuchsias are still going strong and I had a new bloom on the columbine today!  My corn is sprouting and my okra is growing.   I also have peppers coming on strong–with an interesting one that I got from a MG plant sale but I don’t know what it is–it has variegated foliage and variegated fruit with a mild hot flavor.  

I don’t think we have any rain in the immediate future, but hot, dry conditions are here. I am headed to Fort Smith tomorrow afternoon and won’t be home until late Thursday so I needed to make sure things are well-watered.  Tomorrow morning is our What’s up Wednesday zoom session with agents and then I head north.

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