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Work, Rain and Anniversary

June 23, 2017

This morning I had a meeting with one of my editors downtown in LR at the new (to me) Technology Center.  It reminded me of the Innovation Hub in NLR, with work stations, areas to meet and even a small classroom.  It was in the heart of downtown.     We had a good meeting, and then it was back to the office. When I arrived there were some beautiful roses waiting on me for our anniversary.     They are quite a unique color with orange on the inside and pink on the outside. They are stunning!

I did get all the details finalized for our MG trip to Mississippi in October, but decided to email it out on Monday, since the travel agent doesn’t work on the weekends and would not be around to answer any phone calls.  If you are interested in going with us, watch your Constant Contact email on Monday and get registered. It is going to be a great trip.

We also finalized the Saturday MG training which starts in July.  If you have registered, you should have received an email from us this past week with more details. If you think you are registered and you have NOT heard from us, touch base this coming week.   I got columns written and got organized for next week.

By the time I made it home this afternoon, the skies started getting darker and darker and the winds picked up.   Then the skies opened up and it poured down.  Today was our 33rd wedding anniversary and we had plans to head downtown to dinner and then we were going to see Motown, the musical. We delayed a bit waiting for the storm to pass, and then headed down. It was misty raining as we walked to and from dinner but not bad.  We got to Robinson Center and presented our tickets, and lo and behold, I had purchased tickets for Wednesday night instead of tonight!  The folks were so gracious.  They told us to go to the box office and talk to them, since it was not sold out.  We actually got the very same seats!  That would not happen in New York!  The play was quite entertaining and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.    Clay was happy that I made the mistake!  Some of us sang along to most of the songs, and you can just guess who that was!     I was a tad disappointed that although they played Brick House, it was just one line.  The first half was better than the second half, but it was all good.  The temperatures cooled off with the rain and by the time we were driving home, the skies were clear.  A great evening and a fun anniversary.

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