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County 76 Board Meeting

June 27, 2017

Today was our third quarterly County 76 board meeting.  County 76 is the statewide advisory group for the Master Gardener program and it has officers just like a county program.  Every quarter, we try to meet a few weeks before the quarterly general meeting to discuss our plans and update our agendas.  This meeting had to be a bit earlier due to the holiday in close proximity to the IMGC meeting in Portland.  Normally we meet at the office and get lunch sent in, but today I hosted at my house and cooked for them. It was nice for me to treat these volunteers who work so hard for all of us.  We got a lot accomplished and since everyone arrived a bit early we had extra time as well.   Everyone was working hard going over our agendas, budgets, minutes and more, but we did have time to enjoy each others company as well as having a nice meal.  Since it is summer, I made all salads–smoked chicken salad, fruit salad, tomato caprese and a new one– corn chowder salad, which was a winner. I bought quite a bit of fresh corn at the farmers market this weekend and thought I needed to use it.  One out of 8 ears had the dreaded corn ear worm.     This is the most noxious pest of corn. If you are growing corn at home, as soon as you see the silks forming, you can put a drop or two of mineral oil on the silks.  Repeat after a heavy rain or once a week until the silks turn tan.  This should prevent the problem.  If these worms get in, they can decimate an ear of corn. Luckily for me it had just started on the very tip and had done little damage.  Now it will be composted.  For dessert we had fresh farmers market peaches and peach schnapps cake.

We discussed the upcoming advanced training in Hot Spring County, the MG appreciation event in Union County (El Dorado) October 9, our Mississippi MG trip later that week ( and it is filling up quickly), plus A to P in August, PNG leadership in September and our calender.  Photos have been submitted and are getting judged, but we do still need any potential dates.  Be sure to send them in soon if you have them.  We also talked about budgets, on-line reporting, mentoring, state Saturday training and state conferences.  Time flies when you have an active and organized group, and we definitely have that.  I appreciate involvement from all across the state. While some are as close as Conway and Pine Bluff, we have folks driving in from Mt. Ida, El Dorado and Fayetteville.  This organization is open to ALL Master Gardeners in Arkansas.  Information about our July 25 general meeting will be coming out soon.  Come join us!

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