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A hot and humid Saturday

July 1, 2017

It was already humid early this morning and the rain had come and gone. It stayed overcast until late morning and then the sun was shining. By late this afternoon, I had a few gardens that would have liked a drink, but I decided they could wait until tomorrow.  There was a chance of showers tonight and it turned dark and windy but it passed without a drop.

I did spend a little time in the garden pulling weeds and checking on things.  The hydrangeas are in transition. While the majority of my big leaf (Hydrangea macrophylla) are finished and fading, I do have a few new flowers.      Next to these I have a variety of panicle types that are coming on strong and a few of the plants are quite fragrant. I really did not know they had scent, but I love it.   This one is blooming in the midst of a coneflower.  I have 5 different varieties and not sure which is which. Some are almost in full bloom and some are just getting started.  My strawberry vanilla is in year 3 or 4 and is finally strong and upright and loaded with vanilla blooms. With the purple buddlea and the red crape myrtle on each side it is my ode to the 4th of July.along with this other hydrangea display

For July 1, I am astounded at the display of blooms on my Encore azaleas.  Not all varieties are equal but this one is really covered in blooms. 

At Garvan last week I saw a few Naked Lady lycoris in bloom, and I had been looking for mine, but today I saw the first stalk appearing.   I also saw the first sprouts of the caladium bulbs I planted a week or two ago from the bulbs we gave out at state conference. 

But the showstopper in the garden right now is the hardy hibiscus.  

They love sunlight and water and with the new varieties there are compact forms that fit in a small garden or gigantic ones for a large garden.    Each flower only lasts a day, but they are the size of a dinner plate and a sight to behold.

Tonight we had dinner out with friends to celebrate a retirement. It seems it is happening more and more these days.  I guess we are “of that age”.  Great fun with great friends and a lovely meal.

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