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Preparing to leave town

July 5, 2017

When you have weekly deadlines and regular commitments and responsibilities at work and at home, leaving town is not just about packing a bag and feeding the dogs.  I have been pre-writing columns through July 22, making sure our Saturday MG training (which starts this Saturday) is covered, and doing all my reports and getting all the end of the month paperwork done.  Our trip to Mississippi is either sold-out or nearly so.  They had not gotten the mail yet today.  I suggested we start a waiting list.

The information about the A to P (annual to perennial) events across the state went out today.  These four events starting in Fayetteville then on to Batesville, Little Rock and ending in Hope are for first year members and their mentors if they have them. We also welcome count agents to attend.   I absolutely love the logo that Chris Meux designed for us last year.  We want all our annual first year members to get connected, energized and reinvigorated so they become long-lived perennial Master Gardeners.  If you have questions, or did not receive the email, let me know.

Along with all of this, I answered emails, phone calls and more.  On the home front, I have made lists of plants that need watering and took my family through a mini-tutorial of what needs to be picked when.  I did get the first of the weird pepper variety ‘Bishop’s Cap’ that I bought in Searcy at the White County MG plant sale.   I picked one green, but they should mature to red, and I think they are hot.  The ghost pepper are also coming along strong, and although touted as hot, they have a very mild heat.  

We went through downpours today to bright sunlight, low humidity to high.  If I am reading the forecast correctly, my family doesn’t have too many watering chores while I am traveling to the International Master Gardener Conference in Portland, Oregon. I leave in the morning, and hope I have everything covered!


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  1. Chris Lalande permalink
    July 6, 2017 5:31 am

    I was a sponsor for Catherine Chaumont last but haven’t received a registration for A to P conference. Have a good trip!

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    • uamg permalink
      July 6, 2017 6:51 am

      A to P went out to everyone via Constant contact yesterday. I thought you were going to Portland too?

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