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We are home!

July 14, 2017

It was an easy return trip with nice weather.  This trip really was great.  Everything fell into place and we learned a lot and saw and did a lot.  We timed things well.  The rental cars gas light came on as we pulled into the airport, and we got exit rows on both flights.  We did have a little delay in Las Vegas, because the plane was waiting for some folks whose connecting flight was late–that is unheard of these days. It did put us back by about 45 minutes, but it was ok with me.  The IMGC officially ended today before noon, but we had two choices.  Come home today or tomorrow, so we decided to miss the final sessions and come home today–a few others were on our plane as well. Via email I was told by a MG who stayed that I won a door prize that you had to be present to get!  Just my luck.

We did feel a whole lot better today, the cold is not gone, but we are definitely on the road to recovery, but we traveled with a full arsenal of Kleenex and cough drops.  As much as I love to travel, it always feels good to come home.   I think my garden may be happy it got rain today. I can’t wait to go look at it tomorrow.

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